We are a group of oil and gas professionals with extensive experience that are driven and passionate about creating sustainable added value solutions. Our philosophy is that every project Reca Petroleum works on needs to add value and needs to be sustainable. We care about the environment, people and processes to help companies achieve their goals. We believe in a holistic way of doing business where technologies, expertise and individuals with universal values come together to work in a sustainable way.

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream


Root cause analysis.

Consulting for new or already established companies that would like to break in to international markets.

Strategy for companies seeking to position a product, service or technology in a new market or where they have not been successful in the past.

Mexican market intelligence

International market research and market trends.

Positioning strategy based on leading edge technologies.

Competitive advantage development.

Value proposition.

Contract negotiation.

Sustainability Impact Formulation.

Financial plan and forecasts.

PR campaigns.

O&G journal publications.

Marketing strategy formulation.

Marketing materials production.

Corporate image creation.

Branding and Re Branding.


Let us be your partner to create sustainable added value solutions!