We are proud of the team we have. Our Team has been selected based not only in their exceptional skills and technical expertise but in their personal identity and core values. We like to work with people that stay true to themselves, are driven and passionate about innovation,technologies, creativity and goodness.

As a company, we want to have people that you would love working with. Each project represents a new challenge that will require hard work, commitment and many hours spending with individuals that you would see more than your own family. We truly want you to enjoy working on your project with a unique supportive team on your side.

Our goal is that every project we work on would be positive and memorable. How do we achieve that? By bringing a proactive, collaborative and ready to solve a problem team under one roof.


Petroleum Engineers


Chemical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Naval Architects

Structural Engineers

Oil and Gas Trading Experts

Supply Chain Specialists

Mud Engineers and Drilling Fluids Experts

Capital Investors

Environmental and Sustainability Experts

Financial Advisors